Mastering the Art: Styling Your Console Table Under a TV with Minimalist Elegance

You’ve got that sleek TV mounted on your wall, but what about that bare space beneath it? A console table, styled just right, can be the perfect solution. It’s not just about filling space – it’s about adding character and functionality to your living room.

Choosing the right console table and knowing how to style it can be tricky. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or a more eclectic vibe, we’ll guide you through the process.

Remember, it’s not just about what you put on your console table, but also how you arrange it. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and let’s bring your TV wall to life with a perfectly styled console table.

Key Takeaways

  • The right console table under your TV is not just about filling space – it enhances your living room’s character and functionality.
  • The selection of the console table must balance aesthetic appeal with practical usability. Take into consideration the scale, height, depth, and style that complements your existing décor.
  • The location of the console table is paramount. It should neither interfere with the TV viewing distance nor the room’s traffic flow while also complementing the wall behind.
  • For a minimalist look, ensure a careful balance between visual aesthetics and functionality. Decorate with a minimalist mindset – every item placed should either serve a purpose or bring joy.
  • Adding an eclectic vibe doesn’t alienate the concept of minimalism. Play with diverse materials, textures, colors, and lighting for an intriguing contrast and depth. Don’t hesitate to include personal mementos or unique artifacts.
  • The arrangement of décor items on the console table follows the design principle of the “rule of three.” Achieve a balance of aesthetic and practicality, using a mix of tall, short and medium-sized items placed at different depths.
  • Finally, personal items and lighting can add warmth and style to your minimalist setting. Regularly updating these items can keep your space fresh and personalized.

Styling a console table under a TV with minimalist elegance involves selecting decor that complements the media setup without cluttering the space, as Apartment Therapy’s decor ideas show. Using neutral colors and streamlined designs helps maintain a clean and modern look, which Elle Decor recommends in their styling tips for contemporary homes. Additionally, incorporating elements like tasteful artworks or smart storage solutions can enhance functionality, detailed by Architectural Digest in their guide to choosing media consoles.

Selecting the Right Console Table

One of the most pivotal parts of styling a console table under your TV is, of course, selecting the right console table. Your console table should not only be appealing but also functional. It’s about balancing aesthetic appeal with practical usability, ensuring it reflects like mirrors the sophistication and style of your space, from the floors to the roofs.

When picking out your console table, scale is of utmost importance. You need to ensure the console is in harmony with your mounted TV size, the surrounding furniture, and even the shoes that walk past it. A console table that’s too small may look lost against a large TV, while a giant table can overpower the space. Aim for a table that’s approximately two-thirds the length of your TV, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with the room’s flow, without disrupting the movement or the aesthetic balance.

Height and depth also play a significant role in the selection process. For best visual results, the table’s height should be around the lower third of the TV. Too high, and it might interfere with your TV viewing; too low, it’ll appear as unconnected. As for depth, it should not be so bulky that it protrudes awkwardly into the room, like a misplaced barrier obstructing the natural flow of water. The goal is to enhance, not hinder, the space’s functionality and visual appeal.

Let’s talk about style. Tables come in an array of materials, forms, colors, and designs. Still, it’s crucial to select one compatible with your existing décor. For a minimalist style, opt for a sleek, modern table. An eclectic look might call for a vintage or distressed wood piece. Yet, don’t shy away from adding a pop of color to your living room with a bold, painted table.

Remember, just because you’re picking a console table for its functionality doesn’t mean you can’t also consider it as a statement piece. Your choice can significantly contribute to the living room’s ambiance, potentially becoming a focal point of the room, even though it’s positioned under a TV. Take your time to think it through, do your research and you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Lastly, take a look at storage. Some tables come with drawers, shelves, or cupboards which can be handy for storing remote controls, magazines, gaming consoles, and other clutter. But be careful about not overdoing it and turning your console into an overwhelming storage unit. It should serve as a beautiful setting to enhance your TV backdrop, not a distraction from it.

Choosing the Perfect Location

One aspect you should never overlook when contemplating where to place your console table is location.

The location plays a key role in creating a visually pleasing and functional setup. The first factor to consider is the distance of the table from the TV. You don’t want it to be too close, yet it shouldn’t be so far away that the harmony between the TV and the table is thrown off balance. You’re looking for the Goldilocks zone – not too close, not too far, but just right.

Similarly, you’ll want to make sure that the location of your console table doesn’t interfere with the traffic flow of the room. A stellar looking setup doesn’t amount to much if it’s a persistent obstacle in your living space. Console tables can be sizeable pieces of furniture, so taking into account walking paths and seating arrangements is vital to avoid cramping your main living area.

Always remember that the wall behind your table must complement whatever you choose to place on it. So, consider the color of the wall and any existing wall decor. Some end up using their console table as a chance to truly express themselves creatively, layering different textures, colors, and decorative objects for a one-of-a-kind statement-making decor. If you’re eyeing the eclectic look, don’t shy away from incorporating pieces that add to the overall aesthetic, even if they may not conventionally match.

Lastly, do consider that the console table is a practical furniture piece. Location impacts this too. Your console table should ideally be placed in a spot where its functions can be best utilized, whether it’s a space for displaying your favorite decorative items or something more practical like housing your media equipment or offering storage.

Styling Tips for Minimalist Look

As you embark on your quest to perfect the look of your console table under the TV, you might be drawn towards the minimalist approach. Delving into this design movement’s philosophy can be intriguing as the benefits are profound. Not only does it present an aesthetically pleasing layout, but it also promotes peace and tranquility by reducing clutter.

To successfully encapsulate the essence of minimalist decorating style with your console table under the TV, pay attention to balance, space, and functionality.

Finding the Perfect Balance

In minimalist design, less is more. Your console table’s decor shouldn’t overcrowd the table or your TV, creating visual noise. Keep it fresh and clean with just the essentials. A minimalist rule of thumb? If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy, it’s unnecessary.

Emphasizing Space

Drawing attention to empty space is the soul of minimalism, highlighting objects to harmonize with your TV. Thus, carefully consider what you choose to show off: a single statement piece, a light lamp, or a stack of aesthetically appealing books.

Mastering Functionality

Minimalism loves functionality. Your console table not only needs to look good, but it should also provide solutions to practical problems- such as storage. You could utilize discrete baskets or boxes underneath to conceal miscellaneous items.

Remember to stay true to your personal style throughout the process. Minimalism doesn’t mean sentient decor. It calls for functional and beautiful things that serve a purpose in your living space.

The next section will guide you on how to experiment with different materials and textures, keeping your minimalist console decor far from dull. Now that you’ve got a grasp of the minimalist styling tips, you’ll be able to bring harmony and balance to your living room.

Adding Character with Eclectic Vibe

Remember, minimalism does not equate to dullness or blandness. Let’s dive into how you can add a dash of your eclectic personality to your console mix.

Mixing materials and textures can create an intriguing contrast in a minimalist setting. Wood, metal, glass, marble, or woven materials can all add varying levels of depth and dimension. Picture a sleek, polished wooden console table with sleek brass accents, a knitted-basket for your remote controls, and a marble dish for keys. Sounds classy, right? That’s the joy of playing with materials and textures; it’s a silent, yet powerful way of storytelling.

Colors, although used sparingly in minimalism, can also be a significant tool in your decor toolkit. You may start with a monochromatic theme— shades of whites, blacks and greys, for example. Add pops of color through smaller elements, such as a vibrant coffee table book or a quirky ceramic object.

Lighting is another essential element that can add a whole new layer of depth and life to your decor. A small, modern table lamp or a carefully placed spotlight can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your console table.

Consider integrating living elements. A small indoor plant, a bouquet of fresh flowers or even a small aquarium can introduce an element of nature, which effortlessly adds life and character to any space.

Don’t hesitate to place your favorite mementos and keepsakes that reflect your personality. It could be anything from a souvenir you collected from your travels, a vintage camera, artisanal pottery, a boho-chic wall hanging, or even a piece of driftwood that caught your eye. Such elements, while making the display feel more personal, also help break the “monotony” in a minimalist setting.

Keep in mind, while adding character to your space, it’s always a best practice to stick to your base principle: Maintaining ‘minimal yet purposeful’.

Experimenting with different styles might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Just believe in your aesthetic sense, follow the essential minimalist principles, and let your console table become a reflection of your style statement.

Arranging Decor Items on the Console Table

Now that you’ve chosen some eye-catching materials and mixed colors, it’s time to deploy these items to your console table. You might wonder how best to arrange these items, that’s where the “rule of three” comes in handy.

The “rule of three” in interior design simply means items look better in groups of three. Start by grouping items of various heights. This can create a dynamic vertical line that pulls the eyes upward and beyond, making the room feel larger.

When displaying items, consider their shapes and sizes. Use a mixture of tall, short, and medium-sized items. This prevents the console table from being too flat and boring. For instance, a tall vase, a medium-sized photo frame, and a short ornamental bowl can make a good trio.

Remember, your console table has depth too. So, don’t line up everything against the wall. Place some items at the front, center, and back of the console table. This ensures your overall arrangement has depth, creating a more appealing and streamlined look.

Navigating the “rule of three” can be a trial and error process. But don’t let it limit you. You’re free to experiment with different arrangements depending on the number of items and the table space available. Don’t forget the primary function of the console table, especially if it’s placed under a TV. Your decor should never obstruct the view or interfere with its use. Maintain a balance between form and function.

Living elements like plants, photos, or a trinket from your travels can add warmth to your setup. By adding these personal mementos, you’re boosting the ‘eclectic personality’ of your home while maintaining the minimalist decor. Feel free to change out these items as often as you like, making the space unique and truly yours.

Incorporating lighting can be a game-changer too. A stylish lamp can add a layer of light that’s both functional and decorative. It can also highlight your major decorative items. Your space can seem cozy and inviting even under the minimalistic theme.

As you can see, optimizing your console table decor involves understanding and applying basic design principles. All of these pointers are meant to guide you in creating a console table setup that resonates with you. Your console table may be minimalist, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be full of character and style.


So, you’ve got the tools to turn that console table under your TV into a stylish, functional piece. Remember the “rule of three” and play with different heights, shapes, and sizes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with depth and arrangement. Keep the table’s purpose in mind, ensuring nothing blocks your view of the TV. Add a touch of life with plants or personal items, making the space uniquely yours. Don’t forget the power of lighting to enhance the aesthetic and create a cozy vibe. It’s all about balance and reflecting your personal style within a minimalist framework. Now it’s your turn to style that console table like a pro!

What is the “rule of three” in interior design?

The “rule of three” in interior design suggests that objects displayed in groups of three are visually more appealing. This theory works particularly well on console tables, bringing harmony and balance to your decorations.

How can I create a dynamic display on my console table?

To create a dynamic display, use decor items of various heights, shapes, and sizes. This prevents a flat look and creates an interesting vertical line. Also, consider placing items at different depths for added dimension.

Should I consider the console table’s function in my arrangement?

Yes. It’s important to keep the table’s function in mind. For example, if your console table is placed under a TV, your decor setup should not obstruct the view.

How can I add a personal touch to a minimalist decor?

Incorporate mementos and living elements like indoor plants to your console table arrangement. They add warmth and personality, making the minimalist decor uniquely yours.

What’s the role of lighting in configuring my console table setup?

Lighting can greatly enhance your overall setup. It can help to highlight your décor and create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Use lamps or install overhead lights to implement this factor.