Master the Art of Styling a Square Coffee Table with this Simple Guide

You’ve got a beautiful square coffee table, but you’re not quite sure how to make it pop? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Styling a coffee table can be a bit of a challenge, but with a few expert tips, you’ll have it looking magazine-worthy in no time.

Think of your coffee table as a blank canvas. It’s a chance to showcase your style, personality, and even your travels. Whether you’re a minimalist at heart or a lover of all things vintage, there’s a coffee table style that’s perfect for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Square coffee tables provide a blank canvas to showcase your personality and style, requiring a blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Choosing a theme for the coffee table helps to create a cohesive look. This theme can be a specific color scheme, a period of art, or a practical consideration like storage for remote controls.
  • The function of the table plays a significant role in how it should be styled. Its primary functions should dictate what functional decor items, like a stack of books or a stylish tray for drinks, are placed on the table.
  • Including a decorative tray adds structure to the coffee table design, ensuring items look organized and clutter-free. The tray can serve as a compact display area for small decor items and can easily be swapped out depending on the occasion or season.
  • Incorporating greenery enriches the aesthetics of the table and brings a bit of nature indoors. Choosing low-maintenance indoor plants or seasonal flowers can add that pop of color and life to the table setup.
  • Coffee table books not only serve as decoration but also reflect personal taste, spark conversation, and entertain guests. The arrangement of these books, varying in size and thickness, is key to creating visual balance and interest.

Mastering the art of styling a square coffee table involves understanding the right balance of function and aesthetics to enhance your living space. Dream Green DIY provides a visual and textual guide on how to style a square coffee table, emphasizing the placement of items for both practical use and decorative appeal, which can be explored here. Studio McGee offers insights into three different ways to style a coffee table, covering a range of design aesthetics from minimalistic to layered, accessible here. Additionally, Jenni Kayne’s blog discusses essential elements of coffee table styling, focusing on creating a serene and inviting atmosphere, which you can read about here. These resources will guide you through the process, ensuring your coffee table is both functional and stylish.

Choose a Theme

When styling your square coffee table, one thing you’ll want to consider at the onset is picking a theme. A theme guides your choices and ensures everything you place on your table coordinates well. It’s like a map guiding a traveler, leading them to their destination effectively.

Choosing a theme can be as simple as deciding on a specific color scheme or could be more complex, like a particular period of art. If you’re a vintage lover, you might opt for a theme that includes antique travel books, a brass magnifier, and a vintage camera. If you’re into minimalist interior design, on the other hand, your theme might be a cool monochrome look with some beautiful quartz crystals and a single minimalist sculpture and artsy book.

Certain practical considerations can also inform your choice of theme. For instance, suppose you always end up with too many remote controls on your coffee table. In that case, you might want to factor this into your decision-making process: you could choose a theme that incorporates a stylish box to hold all your remote controls.

Think about what interests you, and don’t feel like you need to stick strictly to any decor rules. Your coffee table is an expression of your individual style. Collect, curate, and rearrange your content to create a look that feels uniquely you.

Let’s look at how you can start to pull together items to create your theme. Remember, balance is key. You don’t want your coffee table to appear cluttered or sparse.

  • Start by adding taller items like sculptures, bouquets, or candlesticks.
  • Next, design around these taller pieces with medium to smaller sized items.
  • Consider the balance and visual weight of every item on your table. Distribute items evenly across the space.

Moreover, remember this doesn’t have to be a permanent setup. Change things around as you like. You’re creating a living display that can and should evolve over time. As you get to know your coffee table and spend more time with it, you’ll begin to understand what works best. Be patient, and don’t be afraid to switch things up when necessary. The journey doesn’t stop here.

Consider the Table’s Functionality

Now that you’ve landed on a theme and picked out decor that suits your aesthetic preferences, it’s important to consider how the coffee table will actually be used in your daily life. The table’s functionality can greatly influence how you should style it.

Let’s say you’re a voracious reader who likes to always have a selection of your favorite books at an arm’s reach. In this case, you might want to incorporate a neat stack of hardcovers into your table’s decor. Alternatively, if the table is likely to be a magnet for coasters and martini glasses during your Friday night socials, reserving space for a stylish tray to hold these items may be the most prudent decision.

Designing with function in mind doesn’t mean tossing aesthetics out the window. In fact, it opens up more unique opportunities to make your coffee table both stylistic and practical. You just need to identify the primary functions it’ll serve and derive design ideas that meet those needs while also satisfying your aesthetic rules.

Useful everyday items such as ceramic bowls for remote controls, a miniature succulent for a dash of green, or even an antique magnifying glass as a conversation starter can double up as decorative pieces. To maximize the table’s functionality:

  • Keep space for footrest if it’s used regularly.
  • Accommodate room for food and drinks during gatherings.
  • Allocate a corner for work-related items if it doubles up as your work desk.

Practical details and needs, combined with your personal taste and style, can allow you to create a vibrant, beautiful, and useful space on your square coffee table. As you’ve understood by now, the art of styling a coffee table requires a balance between beauty and utility, aesthetics and functionality. Always remember: it is your table and it should work for you. Practice and flex your creativity until your coffee table becomes the centerpiece of your living space.

Add a Decorative Tray

Expanding the discussion on balancing functional and aesthetic considerations, you can’t overlook the importance of a decorative tray. It’s not only a stylistic touch point but also a multitasking powerhouse on a square coffee table.

Think of a tray as an exciting platform to showcase your personality. You can easily swap out items depending on the event or season. Maybe it’s a chic catch-all for remote controls during the week. But on weekends? It’s an elegant display for neatly stacked coasters, ready for your guests’ drinks.

Understanding its role amplifies your square table’s practical persona. Yet, you might be pondering, how do the trays help in styling?

Whether you prefer a rustic wood tray, a sleek mirrored one, or one with bold geometric patterns, your tray is further scope for showcasing your style on the coffee table. It’s like a mini canvas upon which you can let your creativity flow.

A tray gives structure to the scene you’re setting. By having a distinct zone for your décor, everything appears more organized. Candles, plants, small sculptures, or perhaps your collection of ancient coins, all can find a well-defined home within the tray. It’s a sure way to keep things clutter-free, giving everything a sense of belonging.

Moreover, you never feel overwhelmed trying to style your table. The tray gives you a defined perimeter, so it’s easier to prevent overloading the table.

Atoms of décor gain fresh relevance in the context of a tray. Even mundane objects somehow look presentable when placed on it. Your preferred method of decoration doesn’t really matter. The key here is to know when to stop. An overcrowded tray can stifle the design flow, making it look too forced or staged.

So next time you style your square coffee table, remember the power of a decorative tray. Not only does it uplift décor, but it also adds an extra touch of you to your space. It’s the balance you’re seeking; the ideal coalescence of utility, design, and individuality.

Incorporate Greenery

When you’re looking to enrich the aesthetics of your square coffee table, don’t underestimate the power of greenery. The addition of indoor plants not only injects life into your table decor but also rejuvenates your living space.

Opting for small, potted plants or creative succulent arrangements are perfect options that complement the layout of your decorative tray. Working with a monochrome color scheme? No worries. The green hue of plants brings a touch of nature and color to any setting. If you’re concerned about maintenance, go for low-maintenance plants like snake plants or ZZ plants. They’re hardy, require less water, and thrive even in low-light conditions.

When it’s time for a seasonal change, think beyond regular plants. Incorporate seasonal flowers in a small vase for a vibrant, occasion-specific touch. Holiday season? Sprigs of holly or mistletoe add a festive sentiment. Springtime calls for tulips or daffodils. Fall in love with autumn hues through spent hydrangea flowers or colorful leaves.

Be mindful to balance the greenery with the rest of your table elements. They shouldn’t overshadow but complement. Don’t stick rigidly to one place on your tray. Shift your plants or floral arrangements around until you find a setup that looks visually balanced and harmonious. It’s equally essential to consider the size and height of the plants to make sure they don’t overwhelm the table or obstruct the view.

In terms of care, use a water-resistant decorative tray to prevent accidental water damage to the table. Cleaning the leaves from dust regularly will keep the plants looking fresh and increase their lifespan.

From purifying the air to boosting your mood – the advantages of incorporating greenery extend beyond just aesthetics. So tap into your inner green thumb to achieve a balanced and personalized centerpiece that’s more than just a feast for the eyes. It’s a sign of a home that’s well-lived and well-loved. Plus, greenery, like your style, is versatile and adaptable. Remember, when staging your table, your goal is to create a setting that’s both stylish and functional, keeping your personal style at the forefront.

Please note: The next section will be about incorporating personal items into the mix, a unique way to make your coffee table yours.

Display Coffee Table Books

Your greenery is in place on your square coffee table. Now it’s time to add another layer to your decor – coffee table books. Here’s the kicker: these aren’t just any books. They’re meant to reflect your personal taste, spark conversation, and even entertain your guests.

Looking for the perfect coffee table books? Consider ones that align with your interests. Fashion, travel, and art books often make great choices. Their visually appealing covers and rich content serve as a multi-purpose part of your decor. Not only do they look good, but they also offer guests a insight into your world.

Think of this as an opportunity to showcase your passions in physical form, whether that be a collection of Vogue covers for the fashion enthusiast, breathtaking world landscapes for the travel lover, or a Monet compendium for the art aficionado.

An essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of displaying coffee table books is the way they’re arranged. There’s an art to this. You’re not just stacking books. It’s more about creating a visual balance and interest on your coffee table.

A simple tip: use books of different sizes. Smaller books can go on top of larger ones. This varying size creates an eye-pleasing gradient. Different thicknesses also disrupt monotony, making the display more engaging. Coordination is key as well, so prefer books that complement your room’s color scheme.

Remember, your square coffee table is a piece of your living room’s centerpiece. Incorporating greenery and personal items like coffee table books should elevate the aesthetics while reflecting your personal style. You might even consider it a form of art that requires attention and detail, but always with the personal touch that differentiates your home. Now, let’s move on to how you can add other personal elements to your coffee table decor.


So you’ve learned how to style your square coffee table to perfection. With the right coffee table books and a bit of greenery, you’ve transformed your table into a stylish centerpiece. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also about showcasing your personal tastes and passions. Now, your coffee table doesn’t just hold your coffee, it sparks conversation and reflects your unique style. But don’t stop here. Continue exploring ways to incorporate more of your personality into your decor. After all, your home should be a reflection of you. Happy decorating!

What is the main suggestion of the article for enhancing coffee table aesthetics?

The article suggests adding coffee table books which reflect personal taste, spark conversation, and entertain guests. Especially recommended are books related to fashion, travel, and art for their visually appealing covers and rich content.

What type of books does the article recommend for coffee table decor?

Books related to art, fashion, and travel are recommended both for their visually appealing covers as well as their rich content which can entertain guests and start up interesting conversations.

How should I arrange the books on my coffee table?

Arranging the books in a balanced way is suggested. This could mean varying sizes and aligning them with the overall color scheme of the room to create a functional centerpiece.

Does the article recommend adding any other elements to coffee table decor?

Yes, the article suggests incorporating some greenery into your coffee table decor, aiming to elevate the overall aesthetics of the decor while reflecting individual style.

What is the overall goal of the coffee table decor suggestions?

The goal of these suggestions is to create a stylish and functional coffee table setup that showcases personal interests and enhances the overarching decor of the room. Greenery and books that reflect personal taste are seen as key elements in achieving this.